Saturday, 31 January 2009

How Fast?!

I went to the gym this morning and worked on my legs. I never feel as tired when I concentrate on my legs compared to my arms. Whilst there one of the trainers randomly offered me a t-shirt. Its quite good quality, but he gave me a medium. Seriously, do I look like a medium?! I guess it’s the thought that counts.

In the afternoon I watched the UK Indoor Athletics Match on BBC. It’s always great to watch the professionals in action and I’m always surprised how fast they can run. A highlight for me was watching the women’s 800m. Never mind the 2 Brits that came first and second, but a 110m hurdler from Germany was a last minute replacement and they said she jogged around. It reminded me of me! The poor woman was probably running her heart out and still got lapped!

Just now I’ve been on the BBC athletics website and found an interesting article about the timings in the Olympics finals last year. I can’t believe the pace these people go at in long distance races! Approximately 14 to 15seconds for a 5000m race per 100m! I can’t even run 100m that quickly! I’ve got a lot of work to do.

If you want to view the full article then copy and paste the web address below into your browser. Sorry I’m not smart enough to know how to create links!

Friday, 30 January 2009

More Training

Worked on my legs again at the gym. All felt fine and an overall good work out.

Back to the gym and worked on my arms. I’m using the 2kg free weights for the bicep curls and shoulder press consistently now and not finding it too difficult. Although I worked on my arms mainly, my quads were killing on Wednesday, but I did get a new PB on the rower, 224m in 1min, on the final set of my interval training.

Went to the Loughborough track where they’re still resurfacing and doing god knows what. 4 lanes were free to use though and we had the track to ourselves. I did an 800m warm-up and then I discussed with Courtney what work I could do to build my stamina. At first we walked 100m, jogged 100m, walked 100m and then ran 500m to complete 2 laps. After we did a longer more continuous session where I ran 100m, then walked 100m for 1 lap, the 2nd lap was walking 100m, jogging 200m and then walking another 100m, and then the 3rd lap was walking 100m and jogging the final 300m. It didn’t feel too difficult, which is always a good sign. Next we did 3 x 100m and they felt comfortable.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Stopwatch Must Be Broken!

I went to the gym where I worked mainly on my arms. Used 2kg weights for both bicep curls and shoulder press. Other arm exercises included lap raises, triceps dips and triceps pulls. Again same CV, but I noticed I was unable to row as far on the rower. Only managed 206m on the last row and normally do about 215m.

I was at the Pingles and did a warm-up of running 200m then walking 100m until I had completed 3 laps. The session was based on speed work. I had to do 4 x 150m where I accelerated on the middle 50m. After the forth one I did feel shattered. We were going to do some drills, but it started raining and so did a cool-down similar to the warm-up. Not one single part of my body was aching today.

I’ve just got back from the track at Loughborough. They seem to be digging it up and repainting it. It is fairly nice weather today, but I think I had too many layers on. I did a 400m warm-up and on reflection should have done another lap.

I brought the stopwatch to time how fast/slow I am these days. I did 2 x 100m first and was very disappointed that I could only manage 17secs. My PB is 15.9secs and 17secs was what I used to run when I very first started about 4 years ago. My quads did hurt whilst running, which is why I thought I should have warmed-up more.

Next I did 2 x 200m. I’ve never ran 200m in competition or timed conditions, but was hoping for 35secs and if not at least sub 40secs. I managed about 41secs both times. Typical!

I’m a little confused why I’m not very fast though. It was a little windy, but more of a cross wind. I’m training at the gym and track at least 4 times per week so I should be better than this.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

More Gym

At the gym I worked mainly on my arms again. I did bicep curls with a 2kg weight now, triceps dips, sitting chest press, as I couldn’t lift the bar lying down, shoulder press and triceps pulls. Usual CV. My shoulder blades are still aching today.

Worked on my legs and did abductors, adductors, lifts, curls and press along with the CV work out. All felt very good and not overly difficult.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Freezing Pingles

It was absolutely freezing yesterday evening, but I still went to the pingles for training. Better than rain I think anyway.

I did a 400m warm-up, stretched out indoors and then did 3 x 200m. I’ve never really ran 200m in training or ever in a race and thought I would just collapse halfway round, but the first one seemed to take forever, but the other 2 felt better. I did a long cool-down and was aiming for 3 and a half laps, but think I quit after about 3. Good session though.

Sheila gave Courtney some more tips on guide running, which is always useful and I asked about competitions this year. Hopefully I can enter 5 or 6, but will wait and see. It’s a shame that the lack of VI people in athletics and sport in general, which reduces the amount of competitions.

Courtney gave me her new timetable for college that actually means I can train 5 times per week now instead of 4. I’ve devised the timetable for now so that I’ll be on the track twice a week and in the gym 3 times.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Flying 50s, but dying 100s

Yesterday I went to the track at Loughborough and put on 6 layers on top and 3 on the bottom only to find out it was raining when I stepped outside. It wasn’t overly heavy, so I was still going to run in it, but when I got to the track for the first time ever there was nobody around indoors. Well there were a couple of girls, but that’s it. They amazed me how fast they were sprinting and just kept coming back and doing the same again, chatting casually!

I stripped a few layers off and did a 400m warm-up. I felt that was reasonable since it was unlikely my muscles would get too cold. I then did 6 x 100m and 6 x 50m. My speed wasn’t very impressive for the 100ms and I could hear how flat footed I was. I wasn’t sure of my posture and general technique. However, when I did my 50ms I felt quite powerful. I could really do a low drive at the start and gradually lift my body up and power forward.

I think I was worried I’d set off too fast for my 100ms and then die before the end unlike my 50ms I gave it everything. I still would benefit from a coach’s advice on the technical stuff and even that would increase my speed.

I did a cool-down of jogging and walking and to be honest felt absolutely shattered! I am a little achy today, but I’ll survive! Back on the track tomorrow.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Gym Fit

Whoops I see I forgot to write about Monday’s gym session. Can’t really remember it now, but I’m fairly certain I worked mainly on my legs. I then went up to Hartlepool for a friend’s birthday and got back yesterday.

I’ve dived straight back in though and went to the gym this morning. Worked on my legs again, as I have a bad memory and could have sworn I did my arms last time, but on reflection know I didn’t. The leg press, curls, lifts, abductors and adductors didn’t seem to strain me. Again I’m feeling very fit at the gym, but hope it shows on the track on Monday.

Sunday, 4 January 2009


I went to the gym and worked on my arms. Did usual CV stuff and then bicep curls, triceps pulls, shoulder press, low row and chest press. I’ve never done the chest press before and found it really tough. On Saturday morning around my shoulders were aching and still do today.

I need to go to the track more than I do. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do at the gym, but when I’m on the track it’s 100 times more difficult. I did 3 sets of 400m, 3 sets of 50m sprints and 3 sets of 100m sprints. Then had a cool down of jogging and walking. It’s nowhere near enough though, but I was seriously dying. Running in freezing temperatures is commitment though; I think it was minus 2degrees!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Feeling Fitter

I’m a bit late at writing my blog entry yet again. On Tuesday I went to the gym again and mainly worked on my legs. I did the usual CV and leg curls, lifts, press, but also did abductors and adductors. I felt it was a good work out and I feel fit. Going to the gym again tomorrow, but the ultimate test will be on Saturday, as I’m going to the track and that’s where I realise how unfit or fit I am.