Sunday, 15 February 2009


I was really tired and didn’t feel like doing anything, but had to go to the gym with Courtney as it’s pre-booked a month in advance. I was working on my arms, which I find more difficult anyway, so was struggling. To be honest I didn’t break out into a sweat on the cross trainer, which just goes to show I wasn’t pushing myself. After that I felt a bit livelier though and managed to get to the end of the session. I must have yawned over 50 times whilst there though!

Courtney said she had a trip in the afternoon, so wouldn’t be able to take me to the Pingles. However, she text me late on Tuesday night to say it had been cancelled, but I had already told Sheila we weren’t coming and I wasn’t sure it would be on because of the weather. So we ended up going to the gym. I worked on my legs and felt back to my usual self and not over tired. I’ve found I’m averaging 220m on the rower now, which is an improvement. I was much faster on the cross trainer compared to yesterday and thought it was a good session.

It was threatening to snow yet again and it did start about 4pm. The plan was to go to Loughborough track, but to avoid getting stuck in the snow we went to the gym yet again. Instead of the usual session I did a more CV focussed one. I spent 5mins on the bike, 10mins on the cross trainer, normal interval rowing, 10mins on the recliner bike and 5mins on the stepper. In-between the CV equipment I did arm weights, but only one type. These included bicep curls, triceps dips, shoulder press and chest press. I found the recliner bike the hardest, as I’d never used the machine before and it really worked my legs.

Courtney booked the day off, as it was Valentine’s Day. Instead my mum offered to take me to the gym. Again I was feeling lethargic. I did a 5min warm-up on the bike and then 15mins on the cross trainer. I managed to run just over 1 and a half miles in the time and was quite pleased with that. Next I did some bicep curls and shoulder press with the 2kg weights and to round off spent 5mins on the stepper.

I have now invested in Lucazade and a Goodness shake, so hopefully I won’t be so tired!

On a separate note Direct Payments have allocated me some extra money. This will allow me to train 6 times per week instead of the current 4. Due to Courtney’s football commitments she won’t be able to do the extra hours. However, I have contacted Amy who I interviewed at the same time as Courtney.

Amy has provisionally agreed to become my second PA/guide runner. She is a qualified personal trainer and lifeguard. At present she works part-time at a gym and her main sport is judo that she competes in competitively. Hopefully she’ll start on March 9th, as long as I can get all of the paper work sorted.

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