Sunday, 8 February 2009

A Real Snow Stopper

With all this stupid snow we’ve been having Courtney cancelled on me, as she said it was too dangerous to drive. Thankfully, my mum took me to the gym in the evening, as I was having withdrawal symptoms since not having done anything since the Saturday!

I took the opportunity to do a long session on the treadmill, as it didn’t look likely I’d be able to go running outdoors this week. After a 5min warm-up on the bike, I went on to the treadmill. I walked for a minute and then ran on 11.8 for a minute, back to walking for a minute then increased the speed by 02 to 12. I repeated this until I reached the speed of 13, which was 7 reps. I did it all on a 2% incline. I hope it will help towards my stamina and speed. I was definitely shattered.

Next I did some bicep curls and shoulder presses with the 2kg free weights and to finish off did 5mins on the stepper. My legs were dead by this point, so a good work out.

More snow preventing me from doing anything on the Wednesday or Thursday. Not happy! Though I was able to go to the gym with Courtney and worked on my arms. I found it incredibly difficult throughout and it just goes to show a couple of days break can set you right back.

I was so achy from the day before and really didn’t want to go to the gym, but knew I had to in order to get back into it. Working on my legs was tough, as they shook so much on the weights. Again absolutely shattered once I’d finished, but worth it I guess!

Today I didn’t drag myself out of bed until 11am, which is really rare for me, as I’m an early riser. I must have needed my sleep though and pleased my body isn’t too achy this morning. Not doing any training until Tuesday now and I’m hoping it’ll be easier.

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