Monday, 23 February 2009

Going Well

I went to the gym and worked mainly on my legs. Can’t really remember much about the session now, so must have gone well!

I went to the Pingles and did a clock work session, I think it’s called. Basically, I did a 60m sprint increased by 10m each time up until 100m and then decreased each sprint by 10m until I was back at 60m. I did all of the sprints from starting blocks, which was good practice. It felt good and my final one was especially fast compared to the others, so it was nice to know I had a little energy left at the end. However, the warm down was exhausting.

I went up to the Loughborough track and did a long session of walking and running. It varied from 100m running up to 300m running. It all felt comfortable. To finish off I did 3 lots of 50m sprints and was pleased with my speed. Shame I didn’t have the stopwatch though.

Back at the gym to work on my arms. I struggled a little on the chest press, but all in all a good work out. I’d been aching since Wednesday, but this didn’t affect me when exercising.

Amy is coming tomorrow to discuss her availability and so from next week I should hopefully be training 6 times per week. I’m thinking 3 gym sessions and 3 track sessions, but 1 may be replaced by swimming now and then.

I’ve also contacted Charnwood Athletics Club who train up at Loughborough on a Monday and Wednesday night. They said they haven’t had a disabled track athlete before, but have field. Apparently they have 3 sprint coaches and the head coach is going to talk to them about me tonight and get back to me.

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