Sunday, 8 March 2009

6 Days in a Row

Went to the Loughborough track with Amy for the first time. The aim of the session was just to sort out running in time, as she’d never done guide running before. Unfortunately, it didn’t go the best. Eventually she was ok on the straights, but she was really yanking my arm when we did a full 400m. This was all jogging and she struggled to shorten her stride length, but she’ll have to in order for it to work. Hopefully it’ll go better next time.

Back at the gym and worked on my legs, which felt good as usual.

At the Pingles I had a session of 16 x 60m! I did them in sets of 4 and walked around the track after each set as recovery. It was an exhausting session, but I felt my speed was good and my technique of getting out of the blocks improved. However, afterwards my upper left arm swelled up.

My arm wasn’t swollen, but still a little painful. I went to the Loughborough track with Courtney and after a warm up did a couple of 200m outdoors. Since it was cold we came back in and did a session of running 20m x 4, then 30m x 4, followed by 40m x 4 and finally 50m x 4. So I didn’t hurt my arm any further, we didn’t do it with the blocks.

Back at the gym and did core work in-between my CV work. I did exercises, such as the plank, stomach crunches and to be honest I don’t know the names of the others. Anyway they really worked my abs, which are still aching today. This will be a regular session along with working my legs and arms.

This was my 6th day of training in a row and I felt quite tired! However, I still managed to go to the gym and work on my arms. Afterwards I was happy to finish, but it had been a very productive week. Only my abs are still aching, but everything else is fine.

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