Monday, 16 March 2009

Need to Push myself More

Apparently the outside track at Loughborough is closed for refurbishment until May now. So I was forced to use the inside where it was quite busy. I was only able to use 50m, so did 4 x 50m 4 times. Afterwards I did a few 20m drills. I wasn’t overly tired by the end of it, but a steady start to the week.

Back at the gym and worked on my legs. It all went quite fast and as per usual I felt comfortable, but had a good work out.

There was no training at the Pingles on Wednesday, so I did the set session today. I’d call it a pyramid session, as I had to do 3 x 50m, 2 x 100m, 1 x 150m, 2 x 100m and then 3 x 50m. The weather was lush, so I enjoyed it. I think I started off a bit slow though sprinting wise, so could have pushed myself more.

After spending the morning attempting to get Michael Jackson tickets and failing I went to the gym. I worked on my abs, but it was tough as I felt sooo sleepy. My rowing was poor and I was in slow motion on the cross trainer. Better than doing nothing I guess. Went to London later that day, so that was my training for the week. Back to 6 sessions next week.

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