Monday, 2 March 2009

Slowly Getting There

Had a good gym session working on my legs. Instead of doing the abductors and adductors I used a new machine. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it flexed my ankles and calves.

At the Pingles the session included 3 x 50m, 3 x 100m and a further 3 x 50m. Afterwards I did some practice starts with the blocks, which was very useful, as I can feel myself driving more out of them.

At the Loughborough track did 5 x 200m, but not at sprinting pace more jogging. This helped me to understand the distance more. Did a long warm-up and cool-down.

This was my first time with Amy and we went to the gym. Ultimately I would like to do my usual CV with her and core stability work, but to give her an idea of what I normally do I worked on my arms. It went ok since it was the first time, but I need to encourage her to give me more time checks now, as I didn’t get one until after 8mins on the cross trainer.

I went to Walsall for the AGM goalball tournament. It was a friendly so everyone was mixed up. I was put with this short kid who I had last year too and an Albino from New College Worcester. Considering I hadn’t played for a couple of months I didn’t do too badly and my team ended up winning the development section.

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