Saturday, 21 March 2009

Need To Work Even Harder

Went to the track and was quite impressed with the amount I did. I did 4 x 200m at about 50%, 4 x 100m at 70% and 4 x 50m at 100%.

Worked on my arms at the gym and I must be getting stronger, as the 2kg weights don’t seem very difficult anymore.

Courtney was ill on Wednesday so couldn’t go to the Pingles. However, Sheila sent the session through and I did it today. 800m warm-up, 4 x 30m strides and then 4 x 4 60m with a 20second rest after each one and a 4 minute rest after every 4. Again, I found it hard work, but feel I should have pushed myself even more.

At the gym I did core exercises and they were made a bit more difficult. The plank was increased from 45secs to 50secs per one and I put my feet on the ball to do the crunches.

By this time I always feel a bit tired, but pleased to report I’ve not ached once this week. At the gym I worked on my legs and it felt like all of the weights had been increased to make it that little bit harder. A constructive week I think and only 4 weeks until my first competition.

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