Monday, 8 December 2008

Gym - Prep work for new programme

Ok bad start at trying to keep this diary, as I forgot to write what I did on Friday.

Friday 5th December:
I went to the gym with Courtney. I did my usual 5min warm up on the bike and then tried out the new technique of touching the front bar on the treadmill each time when running. To get used to it I did it at walking pace and slowly increased it in order to build my confidence up. It felt ok, but now and then I felt like I was swaying from left to right. Next time I will do it whilst running. I spent 10mins doing this. Next I went on the cross trainer. Normally I've only been doing it for 5mins, but we decided to increase it to 10mins. After came the rower, which I do interval training on. 1min of hard rowing and 30secs rest repeated 5 times. Each time I increase my distance and generally get up to about 210m. The final part of CV was 5mins on the stepper.

This wasn't my usual programme and we were just bridging for the next one that I will start on Monday. Courtney showed me some core exercises, such as the plank, press ups that I couldn't do properly and had to do the girly ones on my knees, leg lifts and some work with a 2kg medicine ball. We were just testing how many reps I could do so that they could be incorporated into the programme.

Courtney is still going to keep some of the weights exercises that I did with my arms and legs from last time too. These included bicep curls, shoulder press, triceps dips, leg press, leg lifts, back extensions and a few more!

I look forward to the new programme and pushing myself further than before.

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