Thursday, 4 December 2008


I best introduce myself before I start rambling on about what I do in the gym and on the track every week! In short I'm 20 years old, totally blind in my right eye and just have light perception in my left. This makes me a B1 athlete in the disabled world of sport.

My main sport is running, but I also play Goalball. I enjoy going to the gym and generally keeping fit. I am aiming for the 2012 Paralympics and know it will be a tough journey.

I've started this diary in order to be more of a serious athlete. It will enable me to track my progress and I hope I can regularly write new PBs. At present my best time for 100m is 15.9secs and 800m 3mins 33secs. I need to be running sub 14secs for 100m to be a world class athlete in my category.

Since September I've employed Courtney who is my guide runner, takes me to the gym and generally helps me to access sporting activities. Sheila is my coach, but only yesterday did I see her again after a fair few months.

So join me on my determined journey to become one of the best visually impaired runners! I know I have the potential, but most people think I'll never make it! I'll prove them wrong!

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