Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Flying 50s, but dying 100s

Yesterday I went to the track at Loughborough and put on 6 layers on top and 3 on the bottom only to find out it was raining when I stepped outside. It wasn’t overly heavy, so I was still going to run in it, but when I got to the track for the first time ever there was nobody around indoors. Well there were a couple of girls, but that’s it. They amazed me how fast they were sprinting and just kept coming back and doing the same again, chatting casually!

I stripped a few layers off and did a 400m warm-up. I felt that was reasonable since it was unlikely my muscles would get too cold. I then did 6 x 100m and 6 x 50m. My speed wasn’t very impressive for the 100ms and I could hear how flat footed I was. I wasn’t sure of my posture and general technique. However, when I did my 50ms I felt quite powerful. I could really do a low drive at the start and gradually lift my body up and power forward.

I think I was worried I’d set off too fast for my 100ms and then die before the end unlike my 50ms I gave it everything. I still would benefit from a coach’s advice on the technical stuff and even that would increase my speed.

I did a cool-down of jogging and walking and to be honest felt absolutely shattered! I am a little achy today, but I’ll survive! Back on the track tomorrow.

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