Thursday, 15 January 2009

Freezing Pingles

It was absolutely freezing yesterday evening, but I still went to the pingles for training. Better than rain I think anyway.

I did a 400m warm-up, stretched out indoors and then did 3 x 200m. I’ve never really ran 200m in training or ever in a race and thought I would just collapse halfway round, but the first one seemed to take forever, but the other 2 felt better. I did a long cool-down and was aiming for 3 and a half laps, but think I quit after about 3. Good session though.

Sheila gave Courtney some more tips on guide running, which is always useful and I asked about competitions this year. Hopefully I can enter 5 or 6, but will wait and see. It’s a shame that the lack of VI people in athletics and sport in general, which reduces the amount of competitions.

Courtney gave me her new timetable for college that actually means I can train 5 times per week now instead of 4. I’ve devised the timetable for now so that I’ll be on the track twice a week and in the gym 3 times.

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