Friday, 30 January 2009

More Training

Worked on my legs again at the gym. All felt fine and an overall good work out.

Back to the gym and worked on my arms. I’m using the 2kg free weights for the bicep curls and shoulder press consistently now and not finding it too difficult. Although I worked on my arms mainly, my quads were killing on Wednesday, but I did get a new PB on the rower, 224m in 1min, on the final set of my interval training.

Went to the Loughborough track where they’re still resurfacing and doing god knows what. 4 lanes were free to use though and we had the track to ourselves. I did an 800m warm-up and then I discussed with Courtney what work I could do to build my stamina. At first we walked 100m, jogged 100m, walked 100m and then ran 500m to complete 2 laps. After we did a longer more continuous session where I ran 100m, then walked 100m for 1 lap, the 2nd lap was walking 100m, jogging 200m and then walking another 100m, and then the 3rd lap was walking 100m and jogging the final 300m. It didn’t feel too difficult, which is always a good sign. Next we did 3 x 100m and they felt comfortable.

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