Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Stopwatch Must Be Broken!

I went to the gym where I worked mainly on my arms. Used 2kg weights for both bicep curls and shoulder press. Other arm exercises included lap raises, triceps dips and triceps pulls. Again same CV, but I noticed I was unable to row as far on the rower. Only managed 206m on the last row and normally do about 215m.

I was at the Pingles and did a warm-up of running 200m then walking 100m until I had completed 3 laps. The session was based on speed work. I had to do 4 x 150m where I accelerated on the middle 50m. After the forth one I did feel shattered. We were going to do some drills, but it started raining and so did a cool-down similar to the warm-up. Not one single part of my body was aching today.

I’ve just got back from the track at Loughborough. They seem to be digging it up and repainting it. It is fairly nice weather today, but I think I had too many layers on. I did a 400m warm-up and on reflection should have done another lap.

I brought the stopwatch to time how fast/slow I am these days. I did 2 x 100m first and was very disappointed that I could only manage 17secs. My PB is 15.9secs and 17secs was what I used to run when I very first started about 4 years ago. My quads did hurt whilst running, which is why I thought I should have warmed-up more.

Next I did 2 x 200m. I’ve never ran 200m in competition or timed conditions, but was hoping for 35secs and if not at least sub 40secs. I managed about 41secs both times. Typical!

I’m a little confused why I’m not very fast though. It was a little windy, but more of a cross wind. I’m training at the gym and track at least 4 times per week so I should be better than this.

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